2015 Schedule

Doors open at 2:45 p.m.

3 p.m. Music Business Models in the Digital Era: Maximizing Income Streams
Moderator: Bertis Downs (R.E.M.)
Panelists:, Lucy Jewel (University of Tennessee College of Law); Shawn Nolan (Shawn Nolan Law, LLC); John Seay (The Seay Firm,LLC), Bryan Calhoun (Freeform Development Inc., formerly of SoundExchange)

4 p.m. Fair Use In Music: Sampling, Rights Clearance and More
Moderator: Professor David Shipley (UGA Law)
Panelists: Lisa Moore (The Moore Firm and former Director of Georgia Lawyers for the Arts); Austin Padgett (Troutman Sanders); Andrew Pequignot (Kilpatrick Townsend, The Moore Firm)

5 p.m. Transparency: Why it Matters to a Global Digital Marketplace
Presentation by Casey Rae (Future of Music Coalition, CEO)

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